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Policeman allegedly defraud Mr Joseph of N140,000 in Lagos

A policeman, Felix Sunday (aka Sunshine), allegedly defrauded a laundryman, Mr Joseph Osaze in Lagos.

According to report, Sunshine collected a total of N140,000 to help solve a phone and N800,000 theft from the victim, and He hasn’t delivered, nor returned the money. He now ignores the victim’s calls and tells him to go to blazes.

Laundryman Joseph Osaze lost his phone on October 2, 2019, only to soon discover that the criminal had moved over N800,000 from his bank accounts and taken loans from his Access bank and Quick Cash accounts.

He approached Sunshine, an official of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IGP-IRT), Lagos Command, for help.

Sunshine asked for N20,000, which Osaze paid in cash on October 18, 2019. For weeks, Sunshine said he hadn’t seen anything.

After the criminal recharged a particular Etisalat number with over N30,000 worth of airtime from Osaze’s account, Sunshine claimed he had successfully tracked the location of the criminal but added that the arrest would cost N150,000.

He eventually agreed to accept N120,000, paid (teller attached) on November 4, 2019.

Since then, it has been one story or the other. It is now eight months since the second payment but Sunshine rarely answers Osaze’s calls. And when he does, he calls Osaze’s bluff.

The matter has been reported at Sunshine’s office but his bosses Allegedly, are either helpless or uninterested.

The victim as since call on the police hierarchy to reverse this injustice. If the Police won’t help us get justice from criminals, they at least shouldn’t compound our woes. He said.





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