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It is quite disheartening that NIPOST could initiate an Increase of license fee – Hon. Shina Peller

Hon. Shina Peller has said the proposed license fee by the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) is disheartening at this period in time.

Hon. Peller said in a statement. It read.

“It is quite disheartening that Nipost could initiate an increase of license fee, at a trying period of the COVID-19 pandemic when other countries around the world are granting tax relief to businesses to rescue them from collapsing“

“I commend our Hon. Minister Dr. Isa Pantami for acting swiftly by halting the move by Nipost to increase courier license fee amid a dreadful pandemic. Nigerians at this point can’t withstand any hike in stamp duties or tariffs of any sort“

“It’s applaudable that the minister has made it clear that the reviewed courier and logistics regulations do not include the increase in license fees that Nipost tried to impose“

“Nipost can’t be a regulator in the same market in which it is strongly participating. And I have been well informed that the process of separating the regulation from service has been approved“

“It is my opinion that Nipost needs to do better in terms of outdoing its competitors in the market. However, the challenges facing the agency needs to be well addressed“

“Any hike in stamp duties, tariffs or any sort of increased fee at this dire time will have a negative impact on businesses, and the most affected will be the common man who tried hard to survive through their various SMEs.”

Recalled that the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) had yesterday released a new license fee which many perceived as an agenda to get rid of SMEs in the sector.




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