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These simple things will protect your liver:

Tips for maintaining healthy liver.

. Don’t eat old/bad groundnuts/bread
. Don’t abuse alcohol
. Lose weight if you’re obese
. Vaccinate against Hepatitis B
. Stop sharing sharp objects or toothbrushes
. Abstain or have safe sex
. Stop smoking
. Don’t misuse medication.

Old or bad groundnuts or grains may contain a fungus that produces a toxin knows as aflatoxin that has been linked to liver cancer.

If they look or taste funny, please abandon. Always store in airtight containers and refrigerate.

Drugs are largely taken by your liver, abusing them places your liver at risk of failure.

Use your head, always consult a medical practitioner before you take drugs.

Smoking and alcohol can lead to liver cancer

Vaccinate as soon as possible.


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