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DEATH SENTENCED: Nigerian reacts to Bello Shagari comment on Blasphemy and Shari’a Law

Reactions from Nigerian has trails the comment of President of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Bello Shagari, on recent verdict on the Shari’a judgement in Kano, who sentenced singer, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu to death by hanging for blasphemy of the holy Prophet Muhammed.

Bello also known as Belshagy wrote on his verify twitter account; “No Muslim has the moral right to react angrily to blasphemy; that doesn’t mean one cannot be angry. Meanwhile, the sharia law on blasphemy cannot be done to a non Muslim. It is only applicable to Muslims who commits a ‘certain degree’ of blasphemy in a circular state.”

Bello comment doesn’t go down well with Twitter users and some of them including the first lady of Kaduna State Governor, Hadiza El-rufai has query the grandson of Former Head of State, Shehu Shagari choice of words.

Read reactions below;

@hadizel… “Circular?”

@iruefii… “liar! In October 2007 a Christian was sentenced in Kano!”

@Opeloye7… “Can you show evidence for your statement? It’s not possible to be tried with sharia law in Nigeria except if you are a Muslim. That’s one of the clause of sharia law in Nigeria. (note: I’m not saying jungle justice could not have been done) sharia law is meant for Muslim alone.”

@RachaelNjeze… “It’s very wrong to sentence him to death, just because of blasphemy. I was taught that vengeance belongs to God and him alone. Let Muhammad fight for himself. If ordinary man can fights for him, then doesn’t worth.”

@meed_gvo… “Is it everything God tells u to do you are doing? Did Muhammad ask them to do it? They do what will and because they are Muslims, it is normal for u to think that is how Muslims are, and now that you are being explained to, are u ready to listen? NO you just want to shout, ah.”

@hardeclarks… “Omo if una follow that Sharia law Wella I swear most of all the rich northerners go don handicap or damage..but since the law is meant for the poor or opposition who am I to contest it.”

@uk_daniells… “And what about the man that was almost killed in the north just for eating when muslims were fasting, was he a muslim too.”

@BankoleMr… “As a Christian so if I go to kano and insult Mohammed. You think those people won’t kill me?”

@Ojumah… “What do you say about freedom of speech Chief? There should be respect for every man’s thoughts… Religion didn’t create Nigeria..”




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