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EDO: They don’t want free elections because they’re afraid of the People – Political Analyst


They don’t want free and fair elections because they are afraid of the people. Yes,they know that the day they allow you to freely decide who will lead you, it’s over for them. So,they intimidate, attack, injure and sometimes kill just to hold power.But you see, Edo is different!

They scored an own goal here. The injury is self inflicted. I don’t care about Obaseki neither do I care about the PDP or APC. I am more concerned about the process. I know for sure that if the people are allowed to decide today’s outcome, Adams Oshiomhole will be retired from politics by the Edo people.

But not because he, Adams, is a monster when compared to others of his ilk, no, but because he tried to play God and Edo people hate that. Adams’ guts and effrontery to humiliate Obaseki has divided even the APC. Many within the party are angry at the treatment meted out to Obaseki and showed this when for the first in a very long time, the APC could not have a Grand Finale Rally.

This was because many party big wigs didn’t want to attend one: solidarity with Obaseki.

The Edo election is the 10th off season gubernatorial election that has been conducted by INEC since 2016 and not in any one of these has the APC not organized a Grand Finale Rally except now.

Adams’ attempt to try to create a political dynasty in Edo is what is driving the resistance that Edo people are showing and not any political brinkmanship or savvy campaigns by the incumbent governor for that has been lacking.

However, all that may go to waste as early reports is showing that security personnel have jumped into the ring and are acting out a script authored in Abuja.

What is worrying about this situation is the way and manner that the security agencies are defying a direct Presidential order to be nonpartisan in today’s election. I know for a certainty that the President on three different occasions have charged all security agencies to be neutral.

First, through the COS, Gambari, the President made it absolutely clear that he expects all security agencies to discharge their election duties in a nonpartisan manner.

He then went a step further by giving them a clear directive during his last closed door meeting with Service Chiefs.

Also, during the signing of the Peace Accord, a source close to General Abdulsalami Abubakar told me that the President directed Abdulsalami to personally reinterate his directive to the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

It would seem that the IG was going to obey this directive when for the first time in a very long time he took the stakeholders meeting seriously. The IGP, in a marked departure from past events, arrived early to the meetings and read a prepared speech vowing that the police will discharge their duties honorably.

This commmitment was followed with a seamless and effective distribution of sensitive and non-sensitive materials 48 hours to elections. The police provided excellent cover for this exercise.

However, what we have witnessed in the last 24 hours and during early voting shows that yet again, the people will not be allowed to send a clear message to politicians that impunity has a shelf life.

However, Edo is not like any other place. I predict that citizen vigilance will frustrate whatever antics that politicians in cahoots with security agencies will concoct today. The people must be vigilant all through the exercise, especially during collation. They must not go to sleep. Vote and wait for counting, announcements and pasting of results. Then follow the train to the Collation centre and wait. Do not blink, do not snooze or you lose. Go in your thousands.

The perpetrators of violence are a very small number of urchins playing on people’s fears. If they see a great crowd of motivated voters, trust me, the game is up. Let Edo people be the real arbiters in this war of attrition between a godfather and his godson.


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