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Why I support EndSARS and not reformed – Dr Joe explains

“As a public service reform advocate, let me explain why I support #EndSARS and not #ReformSARS, as many may have expected. You see, when an organisation has lost credibility in the eyes of the public, it is almost impossible to recover. Not impossible but very difficult.”

“Now when an organisation has gained international notoriety for brutality and criminality, you should not be talking of reforming it. You should dismantle it and start afresh. The need for an anti-robbery squad may always be there. The need for SARS, as we know it, isn’t anymore.”

“We need to #EndSARS and start afresh. That way, you can look at the kind of people you recruit, how you train them, the image you create for them, how you fund them, etc. Get a better organisation and give them a new name and a new ethos. That’s why I believe we should #EndSARS!”




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