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EndSARS: Open letters to President Buhari on how to end the Protests

As the urges to have a better Nigeria where youths will no longer be intimidated nor harrass by the police, an open letter has been directed to President Muhammad Buhari on a way forward and to help keeps the youth off the street.

See letter below:


“Dear Mr President Muhammad Buhari;

“Sir, this is one final appeal to you to use your good offices to avoid the impending doom.What our country is facing right now with these #EndSARS protests is novel.Unfortunately,your government is applying old techniques to deal with a new phenomenon“

“It will not work. I have been involved in protests in the last 30 years and not in all these years have I seen this type of resilience, commitment, organization, and anger by demonstrators in Nigeria“

“The effectiveness and efficiency of the demonstrators have no doubt been strengthened by the exposure, technological savviness and modern communication tools of the present generation“

“But more importantly, the reality that most of those protesting have had to confront in their daily routines as young people has entrenched their resolve to see these agitations to a logical end“

“It is against this backdrop that I appeal to you to ask agencies of government currently trying to break these protests through use of primitive tactics that didn’t work in the past to stand down. This will only lead to bloodshed and an escalation of the crises“

“In my humble opinion, these young people themselves derive no joy being on the streets, they want to return to their normal lives but not without a commitment that this life will no longer be one where they have to live in fear of a police force that is meant to protect them“

“This mechanism of sending them back home can only be achieved by you giving them an exit point that guarantees them this victory. What then is the exit point“

“Sir, more ACTION and less RHETORIC“

“For a start, the Inspector General of Police under whose watch 10 Nigerians have lost their lives during these protests should no longer have a job“

“Sir, what is so difficult to ask a man who ordinarily would be retiring in 4 months to proceed on terminal leave while someone else oversees the proposed reforms?“

“Is the IGP bigger than Nigeria?“

“Next, Sir, can you make a definite order that all police officers directly or remotely involved in the massacre of these 10 Nigerians be immediately arrested and prosecuted? Sir, can you direct that top government functionaries visit the homes of the deceased victims to commensurate with their families?“

“Sir, can you follow this up with a live national broadcast directly addressing the youths and assuring them that you have heard their grievances?“

“These are just initial first steps to get them off the streets.“

“Following these should be a robust engagement with them geared towards having their inputs on what they wish to see as part of the reforms“

“Sir, any other thing outside these genuine reconciliatory moves will deepen the crises and will lead to bloodshed. Thank you sir as you reflect over these suggestions.”

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