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Exposed: How Tobi Badmus was tortured to death by corporal Adesola in Akure

How Tobi Badmus was tortured to death by corporal Adesola Awodeji in B Division Akure.

Information gathered by Akewusolaf revealed how Mr Tobi Badmus was tortured to death by a police corporal.

On Monday, 21st of July, 2014 Oluwatobi Badmus, the son of Late Raheem Akinfolayemi Badmus was filled with life and expectations like every guy out there. He was up and down getting on with the tasks of the day.

Those tasks that would meet his exuberances and earn him the fulfilment of the day.”

Certainly, death was not one of the tasks; not cheap death from the supposed law enforcement agents who were reported to have tortured him with large dose of chemical substance, which he inhaled and later passed out at a popular hospital, around Lafe Junction Area in Akure.

It was said that he inhaled a thick dose of gas substance from canisters and that it has damaged his brain and caused a serious disorder to his body system.

In another related cases of police brutality, Amnesty International Nigeria has also disclosed how a certain Hassan Alfa was roped as an armed robber by SARS Official in Kano.

Hassan Alfa

According to AI, “In 2013 a family disagreement took Hassan Alfa and others to the police in Kano.”

“SARS officials changed the case to robbery and tortured Hassan for days.”

“He was unable to speak due to frequent torture and he died few days later.”

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