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Taaooma charges Nigerians on morale ground

Comedienne Taaooma has charges all Nigerians on morale ground.

The skits maker air her opinion on how to build a new Nigeria.

According to her, the reorientation should go beyond the social media space.

She said in a series of tweets;

“I personally think we can take our reorientation beyond the social media space. Let’s educate people at every chance we get, especially the ones who are not as previous we are. Let’s build a new mindset all over. A good one.”

She also charges young clerics to preach good intents with theirs followers:

“Youth pastors, ministers, choirs, young imams, young alfas. Let’s preach good intentions whenever we have the chance to. We are the leaders of tomorrow. Tomorrow is now… let’s get to work.”

The Kwara State University graduate further reach out to her colleagues to used their art to sensitize the populace.

“Let’s sensitize through our art, through whatever we do for a living. Let’s install a new mentality that goes against bribery, corruption, scam, theft and cruelty. Let’s be United in our thoughts and actions.”

“From as little as not disposing sachets on the floor and using the waste bin, not defying traffic rules, and waiting our turns in line… it goes a long way”

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