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PHOTOS: My Retired Dad Might Not Survive Trauma Of Hoodlums Attack On His Car

…Son cries out for help on Twitter

A Twitter user has cries out for help as his dad’s car got burnt beyond recognition in Ibadan police station attacks

One Joseph Oluwaseun with username @boladisa narrates how his dad’s car was trapped and eventually got burnt during hoodlums attack on the Station.

See trend below:

“On the 22/10/2020 around 11am- 2pm, hoodlums razed down police stations along Iwo road in Ibadan due to a trigger happy policeman that killed someone.”

“Prior to that, an incident had occurred with my Dad involving the police which made them detained his car for the period of two weeks at Alabebe Police station ‘cos he was yet to get the money demanded of him by the police.”

“3/10. Now my Dad’s car was among the cars burnt at the station and that is the only property he has since he got retired. And ever since the incident happened, my father has not been himself. Things have changed in the house since the afternoon we got the info and we’ve verified.”

“I visited the station on 23/10/2020 to vet the situation of the car. It was burnt beyond recognition and the engines have been carted away by hoodlums. Even though we have nothing, but we are happy we are alive and ok but this recent situation has wiped away the happiness.”

“The house is not in peace right now. He is retired and has a farm but for the past 6 months now, there’s nothing on the farm again ‘cos there is no funding to move it forward. Since yesterday, he has been thinking and his blood pressure has risen beyond the normal range.”

“I don’t want to lose him right now as he’s the breadwinner of the family.. Please help me. Help my life. Help my family. i don’t want to lose my Dad. In any way you can help us please.”

“That’s the picture of the car Toyota Sienna before the incident and the present situation of the car when I got to the station this morning to check… The engines and everything has been carted away by the hoodlums i met there with no policemen on ground.”

“I only managed to snap these pictures at the detriment of my life ‘cos the hoodlums were heavily armed and restricted anyone from taking any pictures. Please, I’m so sad right now. The entire family is in despair.
I can’t see my dad in this precarious condition.”

“My Dad has not been in a good shape since yesterday. That was the first time I saw my Dad cried since I was born. I felt so bad. I wish I could do something to help and bring his happiness back to him. Please help me RT this aggressively and tag the necessary personalities”

“Just for transparency, @TheNationNews reported the hoodlums attack at the station. Your source of happiness won’t be vanished before your eyes.”

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