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In Case You Missed It: Omohtee, Risi fight dirty on Twitter

Summary of today’s gist: A thread!

  1. Unending chaos filled the TL today when Omohtee reacted to Aunty Risi’s tweet where she expressed her feelings about girls with “Dr Anu” kinda big butts.

“Natural bodies always stay winning.” Na wetin start all the kasala…..!!!


The drag was still going on anonymously even when Omohtee said…..

“Takecare of your body before and after!…. don’t let people that can’t afford it try to talk you out of it or shame you for it cause of their own insecurities.”

She use style brokeshame Risi😹


Omohtee tweeted again..
“You must think everyone is jobless and gets fucked for peanuts and sometimes maybe weed and broke like you”

At this point, Risi knew the sub was naturally hers.
She quoted the tweet with..
“Lol omotola @ me nau,why are you this pained?”

Party scatter!


Risi kept on insisting that Omohtee should tell everyone who the weed guy is!

Omohtee change mouth, said Risi is living a fake life, that’s it’s tax collectors and twitter guys that have been servicing her bussy.

Risi said Omohtee na olosho wey dey disguise as cloth vendor.


Since it’s money issue now….
Risi said Omohtee wasted millions on rubber bumbum but cannot boast of 1 plot of land.
Omohtee said her wristwatch can buy Risi’s Land.
Na wetin end the money part be that 😹

The next phase was the LGTV battle.


Risi said Omohtee once came to her house and they both did Body test.

From the test:
Omohtees bress is bigger with a bitter bussy.
Risi’s bress is smaller with a sweeter bussy.

Due to number of appearance,Omohtees bress is “Community bress”.

Wahala for who never press am


Omohtee went mute on the matter, then Risi saw it as an opportunity to offload her Bambiala skills in a tweet….

“Please dears, easy with my mentions. I’m using iPhone 7plus and the phone gets hot easily.”

Pure guardiola 1-0-9 attacking tactics


We thought the drama was over until (Ejiro) dropped a SS of Aunty Risi begging him to comman save her from the hands of one of her client at Skywolrd hotel.
Ejiro said he messaged Segalink about it, but baba snub am.😹

Distinguished wahala for who Segalink don block oo

Todays drama was centered around Omohtee and Aunty Risi.

The whole drama involved ….

Olosho twitter
LGTV twitter
Bambiala Fc

Patriarchy FC were on pure cruise through out.

I come in peace, but I’ll always be here for the Violence!!!

They both calls each other names, allegation and countered-allegations.

Find some of the subs Receipts below:


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