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10 Most Rude Celebrities

What do you do when you’re star struck? You see your favourite star and run to them hoping for a picture or an autograph. You expect them to be kind and greet you, but not all the stars are the same, some can be very rude. And they have endless demands. Here’s a list of 10 most rude celebrities-

10. Justin Timberlake

Apologies for the heartbreak. Justin Timberlake wants complete privacy all the time. At the time of premier of “Friends with Benefits” in 2011, Justin threw people out of the elevator just so he can ride in it. Justin also prefers having bubbles in his champagne. He made a mess once because they brought him champagne without bubbles. It doesn’t stop there, he also insists that his hotel room has mirrors above the bed.

9. Paris Hilton

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This one can’t be much of a surprise. Everyone knows Paris acts like a diva. She was supposed to spend a day on the set of the “The Other Guys” and just for that one day, she had a three-page list of demands. Her list demanded the lobsters to be ready in case she got hungry and furthermore, she demanded a bottle of “Grey Goose” vodka. The funniest part is that due to some unknown reasons, her scene was cancelled.

8. Kanye West

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He compares himself with God and acts like a male diva. To remove sweat from his face, Kanye only uses a Versace towel, costing about $400. When he was getting ready to perform in the BBC show “Later with Jools Holland”, he wanted the carpet to be ironed before he stepped on. He wanted the crew to completely re-do the stage, following his own instructions when he came to the studio where they were shooting the show.

7. Katy Perry

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When it comes to personal desires, Katy Perry goes crazy. An example of her craziness is how her driver is not allowed to look at her, talk to her, or ask for her autograph. Another one on the list is that her hotel room must have a large closet with two egg-cream colored chairs. White and purple hydrangeas must be in the room, whereas pink and white roses and carnations are a no-no.

6. Lindsay Lohan

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Another pretty obvious one. Lindsay is still acting like a diva, despite the fact that she is now getting fewer movie roles than she used to. While filming “Lifetime” and “Liz and Dick”, she demanded to stay in a luxury hotel room and a camp trailer.

5. Christina Aguilera

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Apparently, patience is not her virtue. To avoid traffic jam she wants a police car to drive in front of her car., Christina required to view each scene in which she participated when she was one of the judges in the “Voice”, just to make sure she did not look fat. This meant they would have to re-shoot if she looked fat in any of the scenes. She also asked for clothes in which she would look slimmer and makeup that would make her face look skinnier.

4. Beyonce

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Yes, the ultimate diva herself! Beyonce’s requirements are quite reasonable, apart from few which are absolutely unbelievable. She demands that her room is equipped with all the baby stuff for her baby, which is totally understandable. But, she always demands a completely white dressing room. She requires her food to be served exclusively on white dishes. The temperature in the room has to be exactly 22 degrees, the toilet seat must be new, her toilet paper must be red, and the staff must wear 100 per cent cotton clothes. While performing, the lights on the stage must be set in such way that it makes her look as good as possible.

3. Jennifer Lopez

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Losing the title of being “Jenny from the block”, her demands are sometimes crazy! She requires a completely white dressing room, floor, candles, flowers and everything has to be white. She also wants a private jet and luxury hotel rooms for her and her team. Wherever she goes she requires the staff of 75 people and her eyebrow-assistant.

2. Madonna

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The queen of pop expects nothing but queen treatment from everyone. She requires a whole new board for the toilet bowl for each new show. Once she even banned air conditioning in every room she had to pass through, as well as at the performance site. Her explanation was that it was a necessary measure to protect her vocal cords. During her performance in London in her 2006 tour, the fans started fainting when the temperature went up to 32 degrees Celsius, but even after that, she didn’t change her strange no-AC rule.

1. Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey demands a driver for her dog! She also requires a personal assistant to open and serve expensive drinks. To sign autographs, she recently demanded an antique table worth $70,000. No matter where she stays, she also wants a completely white dressing room.


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