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The risks of Injecting Seasoning Cube Into The Buttocks to Enlarge Them

Injecting Seasoning Cubes Into The Buttocks To Enlarge Them: What Are The Risks?

By Chinonso Egemba

I came across a video recently that shocked me, it was the video of a woman injecting a concoction made up of seasoning cubes and chicken stock. She injected this concoction into her anus. She believed that this concoction would increase her butt and help her achieve a sexier look.

It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In this part of the world, a bigger backside is an attractive feature for many individuals, male and female alike. This is one reason why people perform surgeries, take injections, use suction cups all to make the butt bigger

How this concoction is made

The concoction is usually a mixture of the cubes and chicken broth mixed and put into a syringe. Chicken broth or sometimes water is boiled and put in a small cup containing crushed seasoning cubes which are mixed thoroughly and then put into a syringe.

Here comes the interesting part; the position best taken for this injection is usually on all fours with the but slightly elevated. This allows the mixture to stay in the anus. This process is usually repeated twice with full syringes in each session.

Does it work?

The short answer is no. The long answer is still no.

There is no universe where this concoction is guaranteed to increase the size of one’s buttocks. The large buttocks that are desired by people are usually composed of fat and this fat is usually deposited over a while.

Genetics controls to a large extent where fat is deposited in a person. It could be mainly in the buttocks in one person and mainly in the arms in another person or the abdomen in someone else. Genetics plays a large role. Some people have learnt to bypass genes by undergoing surgery, the commonest which is the Brazilian butt lift where fat harvested from usually the abdomen is injected into the buttocks.

What are the risks?

The lower end of the anus largely absorbs nutrients from what then becomes your faeces, as a matter of fact, some drugs are given through the anus and is absorbed very fast into the bloodstream.

If you crush the seasoning cubes which contains largely salt and inject it into your anus, the lining of the anus would absorb a huge portion of that salt into your bloodstream. Excess salt in the bloodstream is a major contributor to hypertension, especially in Africans. A person, in theory, can develop hypertension from this practice.

Also, there is a small risk of getting infected when injuries occur from jamming a syringe into the anus, this infection might become infected and have far-reaching consequences.

The takeaway from this

This practice should be avoided at all costs, not only is it ineffective, but it can also be harmful.


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