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10 Safety Tips For Travellers During Festive Season

For those who wish to travel during this festive season, here are a few security tips. Don’t be deceived, there is no security in Nigeria.

(1) If you have the means to, and can afford it, please travel by Air, Once your journey is beyond the borders of two (2) states in Nigeria.

(2) If you must travel by road, please be on the lookout, against kidnappers. Kidnapping It is the most common and rampant crime now in Nigeria. It doesn’t matter, if you are rich or poor. Government official, or private citizen. Kidnappers are on the rampage.

(3) Make sure your vehicle engine and Tyres are in good shape, for those traveling with private cars.
For those traveling with commercial vehicles, please go through a registered transport company. Where good & sound vehicles are guaranteed.

(4) For those traveling with private cars, make sure you follow only the roots, or roads you are conversant with. Drive through only the roads you know. Please don’t divert to follow shortcuts. Shortcuts could be short ticket to danger or death. Don’t follow roads you don’t know.

(5) please don’t travel in the night. Please don’t drive in the night. Nigeria is not safe. If for any reason, you are held up in traffic until dark, drive down to the nearest police station, around and park. Or better still, drive into town, look for a hotel to pass the night.

(6) when you are traveling, be on the lookout for uniform men. Most especially, @PoliceNG and @HQNigerianArmy uniforms. They are the easiest tools kidnappers use these days in perpetrating their crimes. They wear it to deceive their victims. Be cautious over who wears camouflage.

(7) If you see men with Nigerian Army uniforms on the road stoping you, check if their ARMY vehicle is parked by the roadside. Check if they are properly dressed. Check if their names are properly written on their uniforms. If you don’t find all of these, please don’t stop.

Kidnappers in Nigeria, are mostly using Army uniforms to deceived their victims. Just yesterday, in Delta State, two teachers were kidnapped. The kidnappers came into the school, putting on Army uniforms. No one could question them. But if someone had taken note of their vehicle. 🤷

Nigerian Army will never deploy soldiers, on private vehicle. Or commercial buses. Not bearing @HQNigerianArmy registered No plate. So when you sight soldiers on the highway, check out for their ARMY vehicle.
Likewise with the @PoliceNG on the highways. Not inside town though.

(8) Don’t carry so much cash with you, while traveling. And make sure you don’t disclose your traveling plans to outsiders. Maintain communication with a close relative of yours, when traveling hrough out the duration of the journey.

(9) When driving, if someone points to your tyre or a fault in your car. Please don’t stop the car immediately. Drive a little forward, before stepping out of the car to check. It could be a set up to ambush you. And while driving on the road, maintain a good speed.

(10) For the commercial vehicles. Please go in convoys of 2 or 3 cars. Maintain a good and reasonable speed while traveling. Look out for road blocks, fallen trees, and bad roads. Leave on time, so you can reach on time.

God will guide us safely to our various destinations 🙏

Source: @truthfully83

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