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In 3 Years, Nigeria Will Cease To Exist If… — Gani Adams

Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland Gani Adams has advocated a four-level policing system if the country will win its war against insecurity.

Adams, who addressed a news conference at his Omole Phase II residence, warned that Nigeria’s structure and geographical spread makes it difficult for the current policing system to effectively tackle crime.

According to him, Nigeria should have federal, regional, state and local policing outfits.

He also warned that Nigeria might cease to exist in three years if the unitary system of government presently practised does not give way for true federalism.

He said: “We run a unitary system of government which cannot help Nigeria. Nigeria has to return to true federalism if it will develop. I fear this country might not survive the next three years if we don’t restructure.

“We should return to regional system of government where each region controls its resources and only donates to the Federal Government. Regions should control their electricity, rail system, water resources and security.

“Security is paramount for the regions to handle themselves. Amotekun is not enough to tackle insecurity because it is limited in numerical strength and functions. The funding is not even available to recruit at least 10,000 men for effectiveness. Oyo State has the highest number of Amotekun corps, but with its number of local governments, how can that number be enough for effectiveness?

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“I also hail the Deputy Senate President Ovie-Omo Agege for saying nothing positive can come from constitutional review. His statement reiterates the fact that we have to continue agitating for true federalism instead of wasting our time sending memorandum to the parliament for constitutional amendment…”

Adams also debunked claims by former President Olusegun Obasanjo that he was seeking reconciliation by all means.

Obasanjo had said Adams requested to visit his home twice but he rejected because they have different characters and personalties.

But Adams said he never asked to meet Obasanjo privately. “I have no reason to visit Obasanjo at home. I have never requested to meet him personally. We met at a meeting convened by Pa Ayo Adebanjo, and I attended the meeting because Pa Adebanjo insisted.

“He can say anything but he has no right to malign my character. Obasanjo is not a progressive and so we cannot have similar character. Ibasanjo is not a progressive element in and out of office and so he won’t like the character of any progressive.

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“Because he seeks political space, he would always play the opposition if he is not allowed. I see no reason to visit him since he already maligned by character so I can’t see any reconciliation.”

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