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2021: PDP Reps caucus asks Nigerians to be resilient and patriotic

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives has said the Nigerian people must remain resilient and patriotic and reflect deeply on the principle of humility, self sacrifice and good neigbourliness as the nation enters a new year.

Leader of the caucus, Hon. Kingsley Chinda said in his Christmas message to the Nigerian people that Nigerians must show love you another and the country.

Chinda said the failure of the APC led government to offer quality leadership to the people was largely responsible for the challenges the nation has passed through in 2020.

He said “No doubt, the 2021 new year celebration is devoid of the usual pomp and glamour- no thanks to the numerous challenges that we have had to, and are still facing as a people.

“As we are all aware, new year celebration is observed globally to mark the beginning of every new year, offering us amongst other things, new belief, new hopes, new goals, new objectives and new aspirations.

“However, the 2021 New year celebrations appears less unique particularly because the out gone year 2020 came with lots of challenges, especially when the entire world had to battle with the dreaded Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic which led to the death of millions of friends and loved ones across the globe, including in Nigeria.

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“Our situation in Nigeria was further worsened by a poor and dwindling economy (now in the worst recession ever); several incidents of kidnappings, killings and general insecurity across the county, occasioned by an inept, visionless, clueless and failed leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government.

“Nonetheless, as we mark the 2021 New year celebrations, we urge all Nigerians, as a people and as good citizens, that beyond the merriment and ecstasy that comes with it, ‘we must remain resilient and patriotic’ and reflect deeply on the principles of humility, self sacrifice, good neighbourliness, including love for one another and for our dear country, Nigeria.

“To our leaders and those in position of authority, we urge us to be more dedicated, open minded, and selfless in our dealings and/or relationship with, and service to our Bosses, the Nigerian people, as that is the true basis of servant- leadership or good leadership.

“As we celebrate, let us remember to stay safe, especially in the wake of resurgence in the number of Covid-19 cases by doing our best to observe basic health tips such as social distancing, warring of face/nose masks, self isolation, regular hand washing use of alcohol based hand sanitisers as well as complying with all rules and regulations issued by Government at various levels and her regulatory agencies.

“We am very confident that God is on our side and that Nigerian people shall triumph in the end. Congratulations, once again and wishing us all a happy and prosperous New year (2021).”





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