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I Lost Over N50 Million Worth Of Property To Inferno – Sunday Igboho

After yet-to-be-identified hoodlums set ablaze his house in Ibadan, Sunday Adeyemi ‘Igboho, has said over N50 million worth of property was lost to the inferno.

Igboho, the man at the centre of the recent eviction controversy in Oyo State, made the comments in Ibadan on Tuesday.

He said the arsonists broke the gate to the building to gain entrance before setting the house on fire and added that the two people living in the house fled for their lives in the chaos.

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Igboho also stressed that he was not a political thug available for hire.

“Around 03:30 am this morning, my siblings living in my old house came to alert me that some hoodlums were at the house, shooting sporadically, and that they had forced the gate open and set the house ablaze,” he said.

“My siblings escaped unhurt but my house was burnt. When we got there, the hoodlums had escaped so we called the fire service to put out the fire.

“I am surprised that some Yoruba people could be supporting killer herdsmen to destroy my house. This saddens me.

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“My agitations are for all of us to come together against killer herdsmen who have been terrorizing the Yorubas by kidnapping, killing our brothers, and raping our women in Yoruba Land.

“To my amazement, some Yoruba people are aiding these killer herdsmen.

I expected them to come and attack my residence where I live now to show that they mean business.

“I assure you if they had, I would have been able to give you evidence of the hoodlums that did this.

“The property destroyed in that inferno would not be less than fifty million.”

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