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Service Chiefs: Buhari Too Narrow-minded to Accommodate all Parts of Nigeria, Nnaji Says

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has been described as narrow-minded and one who has failed to accommodate all parts of the country in his recent appointment of the country’s service chiefs, that’s according to Dr Chima Nnaji.

A seasoned lawyer and public affairs analyst, Nnaji featured on an ARISE News program, The Morning Show, where he said the exclusion of qualified citizens of Igbo extraction in the southeastern region of the country from the recent appointment of service chiefs shows the president narrow-mindedness.

According to him, Nigeria is paying dearly and encountering several challenges for the politics of exclusion that holds sway in the country.

“The issue is that such appointment is within the domain of symbolism. If for example, the southeast is completely excluded or has always been so excluded, the symbolism is that this administration is too narrow-minded to accommodate all the parts of this country and is shooting himself on the foot,” Nnaji told ARISE News.

“Somebody who is digitally impaired cannot carry a big can. If you are using only your left hand, your right hand is supposed to compliment the activity of the left, so if you don’t have all your hands on deck you cant carry a big load.

“And that’s why we are having all these problems. These politics of exclusion, either out of hatred or narrow-minded or clannishness, this country is paying dearly for that. And it’s unfortunate that those who are perpetrating these things are those who are supposed to help the country get out of the woods.”

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