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Dakore Egbuson opens on postnatal depression

Dakore Egbuson opens on postnatal depression

Nigerian actress, Dakore Egbuson has narrated how she suffered postnatal depression.

Dakore Egbuson disclosed this struggle with postnatal depression; the battle for her mental health and the road to recovery on the new episode of #WithChude.

Dakore while opening up on how her seemingly perfect life and the recent transition to motherhood deteriorated into postpartum depression, said;

“I had some slight complications after the birth of my daughter.

I was in a sad state, and I just slipped into postnatal depression.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even realise it when it started happening.”

After a conversation with a trusted, older friend who helped her identify the source of her sudden and recurrent mood swings, Dakore visited her OB/GYN; who confirmed that she was indeed suffering from symptoms of postnatal depression.

“I started to realised that I wasn’t using my creativity, so it was dying inside.

This was after four years of being away from work.

I just had this consistent and persistent sadness – a lack of joy – almost like I would be struggling to reach the joy, then sometimes I would be very manic-like very happy, then very sad,” she revealed.

She continued;

“After a while, I started going to therapy.

My therapist asked me what I used to do before I had my baby, and I told her I was an actor.

She said to me, ‘It’s probably because you’re not doing what you’re used to doing; you’ve been doing this since you were a kid, and now you’ve suddenly stopped’”.

Through the support of her therapist and a supportive friend, Dakore was able to identify that her depression emanated from the recent readjustments that had been happening in her life.

With a slow but eventually return to acting and the entertainment industry at large; Dakore was able to pull through and regain control of her life and mental health.

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