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Agronomist reveals aftermath of a 10ha farm after it was invaded by fulani herdsmen in Ijebu: reactions

An agronomist, Tunde Banjoko has shared the sorry state of a 10 hacres farm in Ijebu, Ogun State, after it was invaded by fulani herdsmen.

He stated;

“Wish I could keep quiet but it’s difficult.This what Fulani herdsmen did to a colleague’s farm in Ijebu yesterday after grazing thier cows on his 10ha cocoa/plantain plantation.They grazed mercilessly on other farms.Pls act and protect us NOW @dabiodunMFR @SulaiOdus @Nig_Farmer”

The illegal activities of some criminals Herders in the South West is alarming with increasing cases of farms invasion.

Below are some reactions from social media users


The west sold out and voted Tinubu – APC. Deal with it


Inasmuch as I wouldn’t totally dismiss your story, I have my reservations about it veracity. If it were to be true your friend had cocoa/plantain plantation, we would still have their trees standing erect,most especially, plantain trees cus of its moisture. I can only see few…



This is painful. Evidences like this makes me believe there is an agenda not clear to many. God will stop them soon.


When we talk, some will say you are ethnocentric! Is it not better to be ethnocentric than allow these criminals to continue to have their ways? When people in Leadership fail to rein in this criminals, they become more embolden to commit such atrocities.


My farm has been invaded thrice in Ilorin Kwara state. Decided to just fence it so that I will close that chapter .There are still plants or crops left standing. This your picture though…… This is a cocoa plantation by the way. Just saying.

@abiolaaloba on Twitter

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