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APC Chieftain, Agbamuche warns Delta PDP to Stop Politics of Bitterness, Deadly Plots Against Him

Chief Nelson Agbamuche, Odoziani of Akwukwu-Igbo

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Delta State, Chief Nelson Agbamuche, Odoziani of Akwukwu-Igbo have called on the ruling in Delta State, to stop what he called politics of bitterness and deadly plots against him, and the APC in the state.

Chief Agbamuche in a state made available to Ndokwa Reporters on Thursday, March 11, 2021 said the continuous attack on him, and the party by members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP led by one Mr. Kelvin Onuwa Anyakwu and Victor Nzediegwu   is undemocratic, as their activities having been to harm him, family and political associates.

He stated that there had been series of attacks on his properties, and plots to eliminate him, which had led to unfortunate attacks on his supporters.


The Full StatementAlso Read:

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and its operatives in Akwukwu-Igbo in Delta State, led by Kelvin Onuwa Anyakwu and Victor Nzediegwu have been doing everything possible to harm me, my family and political associates.

There have been series of attacks on my properties and plots to eliminate me, leading to some unfortunate attacks on my supporters.

The reason for the acrimony is due to the fact that I choose to identify with a progressive party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) which has brought and still bringing development to my community.

As a traditional title holder whose allegiance is to my people, I thought it wise to join the APC having spent years in the PDP without any noticeable benefit to my people, but my former party chieftains won’t recognise my fundamental human rights of freedom of association guaranteed in our constitution and the African charter.

Consequently, they have resorted to attacks and threats to my life, destruction of my properties using thugs and local vigilantes to hound me and my associates.

I have already petitioned the Inspector General of Police on this matter, having lodged formal complaints at the state level with no visible action taken.

As if that was not enough, they also resorted to political intolerance against myself and members of the All Progressives Congress.

This was brought to bare on Saturday when the PDP unleashed an unprecedented level of violence against APC faithfuls during the Local Government elections that our party was clearly winning.

After noticing that APC had won most of the units in the election, thugs led by Ikechukwu Joseph Iwegbu, known as Presidential General, invaded the units fully armed at the point of counting to disrupt the exercise. They carted away all the ballot boxes and shot at us recklessly, many of our people sustained various degree of injuries.

The Police in our community witnessed the incidents, they can attest to the brazen attacks.

No result was announced anywhere in Akwukwu-Igbo ward. Of course APC clearly won five out of the seven polling units in the ward. If they are in doubt, let us repeat the election, APC will still win.

After the violent attack on Saturday, they used the instruments of the state to move against us, arresting our people who are APC members. This is one oppression taken too far.

They kept saying they don’t want APC, that Delta state is a PDP state yet all the development we have today in Akwukwu Igbo were brought by the APC government.

New transformers came about 6 months ago, Rural electrification is near completion, soon to be commissioned.

Renovation of our primary schools with perimeter fencing. We have the Agbogidi primary school, Atuma Primary school etc.

Road projects are equally ongoing.

Akwukwu-Illah road project alone is about 4km, you also have Engr. Sunday Gbandi road and others.

Why are we not going to join a party that has brought development to our communities?

Since we joined APC, they have been Using hoodlums and local vigilantes to unleash terror on us. We have reported to different authorities, yet the thugs are becoming more brazen. They boast openly that no one can arrest them because they are backed by powers from above.

Since they have openly sworn to use everything to fight APC out of the state and we, on our part, are equally resolute in our journey to bring development to our people through the APC led Federal Government, I use this medium to call on all security agencies and well meaning Nigerians to take urgent steps with a view to safeguarding my life and properties in Akwukwu-Igbo and the state in general, as well as calling all the aforementioned individuals and their enablers to order.

Chief Nelson Agbamuche,

Odoziani of Akwukwu-Igbo

Delta State.

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