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How Police attempts to cover-up a murder case of security guard in Lagos

If FRANK AJAS AFANVI had known he would be framed up and murdered on Sunday, 28th of November 2020, he wouldn’t have answered his phone call, or left the church.

Moreso, as some unscrupulous elements from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has made an attempts to kill off the case.

@Truthfully83, an independent investigator narrates how late Frank was framed up, killed and an attempts by the police to covered up the case.

FRANK is a 38 years old Togolese/Nigerian, who is married with 4 Kids. He was born in Nigeria, and lived all his life in the country.

He works as a French teacher in two privately owned schools in Lagos.

But during the Covid-19 pandemic, private schools couldn’t pay their teachers salaries.

So, Frank opt for a temporal security (Night Guard) job in a private estate around Ayobo, Alimosho Local Government area of Lagos State, in order to meet up with his families needs.

While diligently doing his new job, some members of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) asked him to join the group, but Frank refused, because he knew the job was a temporal one, that he will soon be returning back to class room if school resumes.

But due to hanger and jealousy, on the part of those OPC members against Frank, who they looked as a foreigner, guarding a private estate, they conspired to frame him (Frank) up as a thief in order to kill him.

They connived with a car battery charger, who is seen in this picture with Frank, and whose father is one of them, to lie against him, as the one who brought a stolen car battery to his shop to charge.

Late Frank and the battery charger.

On Sunday the 28th of November 2020, Frank left the house very early with his family for church.

It was gathered that Frank was the Engineer in charge of musical instruments at CHRIST IS ABLE APOSTOLIC MISSION at Ayobo, thus, he do go early to put things in order, before members arrive.

Frank in the church.

But unknown to him, his wife, and church members, that very day would be his last day on planet earth. Church service had just started when Frank received a phone call from one Baba Ibeji. The man who gave him the Estate security job. That he should come and pick his salary urgently.

Before he left the church, he told one of his Togolese brothers, Guenoukpati Peter John, about the call from Baba Ibeji, and how urgent he sounds. That, he is coming back to church in few minutes time.

After waiting for some hours without Frank returning back to church, his brother John had to put a call across to him, but his phone was switched off. He became afraid and immediately informed the Pastor about Frank’s movement and what transpired before he left the church.

It was said the Pastor delegated some members to go search for Frank at Baba Ibeji’s place.

On their way to the place, they saw Frank on a motorcycle, locked in the middle in between the rider & another passenger, who was an OPC member. badly beating & was being taken to the OPC base in Ayobo by their members.

So, the delegates from the church hurriedly intercepted them.

They sort to know what his offense was, and why he was beaten that way.

The answer they got was troubling.
THAT FRANK STOLE A CAR BATTERY, that they are taking him to their Dangote base, along alaja road. Then they zoomed off with him.
The people from the church had to follow.

But before they got to the OPC Dangote base along alaja road, Frank was being subjected to another rounds of torture by the leader of the group in that zone, one WALIU & his boys. They pleaded with Waliu to spare his life, & they secretly recorded the scene just to get evidence.

Waliu asked them to bring 150,000 naira, or else they will kill Frank.

So, they left the place in order to arrangements for funds so as to save Frank’s life. One of them ran to the @PoliceNG station at Ayobo, to inform the police about Frank’s ordeal, why the rest went back to church.

Why that was on, there was a heavy downpour. It rained for several hours non-stop. Before the rain could subside, and they were able to return to the OPC base, Waliu and his boys had left with Frank. Leaving no trace or trail behind. Everyone was worried and afraid,

But the @PoliceNG at Ayobo assured them not to worry, that they will get to the root of the case, and they will find Frank. So everyone left for their houses, with little or no hope. They had to inform his wife about his present predicaments. She cried all through with her kids.

Late in the Night of that Sunday, some members of the OPC, carried Frank who was already dead, in a tricycle (keke) to Ayobo police station, to inform the police that they caught a thief, and they wanted to handover the thief to the police.

When the police men approach the keke (tricycle) and flashed their touchlights to see the thief, they saw a dead man inside the tricycle, which happens to be the missing Frank. So they arrested all the OPC members that brought the body, and informed the family that they have seen Frank, but he was in the hospital.

The family went to Ayobo police station on the 29th of November, to know the hospital Frank was in, and how to reach him. They were met with the worst news of their lives. THAT FRANK IS DEAD, AND HIS BODY IS AT IDH MORTUARY AT YABA.

The family went to IDH MORTUARY, only to confirm the corpse of Frank there. They broke down in tears, his brothers, church members, his wife cried profusely. How a healthy man, who left the church to go pick up his salary, just ended up in a mortuary. Leaving 4 children behind.

Frank’s widow and her 4 kids

Ayobo police D.P.O (GOGO PHILIPS) matched his words with action, by doing a fantastic job on the murder case of Frank.

He was able to arrest 9 out of the 15 masterminds in Frank’s murder, including the OPC leader, WALIU.

He conducted a discreet interrogation that exposed them.


During the course of interrogation, the Battery charger who accused Frank to be the person who brought the “alleged stolen car battery” to his shop to charge, confessed that, Frank was totally innocent of the crime. That he was framed up, because they wanted to get to him.

That Frank didn’t come with any battery to his shop to charge, neither was there any stolen battery. That the OPC members asked him to play along, so they can implicate Frank & set him free. That they promised to give him some personal charms and spiritual powers if he cooperate.

That he didn’t know it was going to turn out this way. One after the other, the DPO of Ayobo was able to interrogate them, he was able to unravel the conspiracy as regards the murder.

He wrote & transfered all 9 suspects to SCID PANTI.

According to report, panti has collected bribe to compromise the case.

The family and concern Nigerian need #JusticeForFrank

The case was handed over to the homicide section of SCID in Panti, and case assigned to ASP OLORODE MUSA, WOMAN INSP TINUAYO ANTHONY, and INSP OLU.

According to Truthfully83, these officers alongside the Officer in charge of homicide at SCID, are the bad eggs in @PoliceNG.

They compromised a murder case of an innocent man who left behind 4 innocent kid & a wife, just because they wanted bribe.
They took bribe & freed all the suspects Ayobo sent to them, but lied to Frank’s family that they are in prison.

How can SCID prosecute a suspects of murder case without notifying the family of the victim that instituted the case?

When Frank’s family pressed forward to request the next adjourn date of the case, or the court where the case was charged to, SCID panti can not provide the answers.

But the leader of the OPC members that murdered Frank, Waliu, was recently sighted walking free around Ayobo. The same Waliu SCID claimed is in prison custody.

Also, other suspects involved in the murder are walking freely in Ayobo, but Frank’s family has been subjected to sorrow.

We need #JusticeForFrank.

His corpse is still at IDH MORTUARY, and his right wrist has reportedly been stolen from his body. The mortuary can not provide answers to that, but Ayobo police station, who deposited his corpse, confirmed him to be complete before they deposited him.

If not so, they would have included it in their report. The family even confirm him as a complete corpse when they saw him in mortuary for the first time.

We suspect ritual. And IDH MORTUARY must explain how his hand was cut off from the wrist.

Below is the autopsy results of Frank.

Autopsy result


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