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Exclusive: Burna Boy’s Grammy win has motivate me that I can be great someday— Shegz Ade reveal

Exclusive interview with upcoming artist, Shegz Ade where he reveals many things about his music journey, lifestyle and many more with

  • Can you introduce yourself to your fanbase?

I am Adeniyi Segun Micheal known as King Shegz Ade for my musical act as an afropop/alternative music singer. I was born October 2, 1994. I’m a native of Oyo State and grew up in Lagos. A student of Lagos state polytechnic.

  • What first got you into music?

I was young so I wanted to be a superstar like those I watch on TV and I gave it a try, then someone pointed it out to me that I have a beautiful voice, the person also told me to start working on it and writing my own lyrics, then I started bit by bit. That was it for me.

  • How was the journey so far? At a point, have you ever feel like giving up?

Smiling. Im grateful to God for how far I have come, I have really developed in my craft. I feel like giving up sometime but my love for music keep teeing I have no choice than to keep moving even when I feel unnoticed.

  • Who inspired you to make music?

It came naturally.

  • Recently, Burna Boy emerged a Grammy winner with his ‘Twice as Tall’ album. How much as that impacts you as an upcoming artist?

It has impacted me 100%. As a solo artist, it motivate me that I can be great someday if I can keep trying and chasing my dreams. Keep working hard, no relenting.

  • How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I love my music, it’s a fusion of afrobeats and RnB vibes.

  • Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Burna Boy.

  • What is your creative process like?

Most interesting moment in my life is my creativity process, I love writing song.

  • Do you watch football?


  • What club do you like.


  • Why Juventus?

Cristiano Ronaldo for life.

  • What do you have to say to your fans out there. Any pressure from them?

No pressure, it’s been a long time chasing my dream and I am really grateful for those still standing by me.

  • How can your prospective fans connect with you!

You can connect on Instagram with my handle @shegzade_omoba

And Facebook page KingShegzAde

Download Shegz Ade song on audiomack below:

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