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How N64.2 million WAEC office building abandoned

N64.2 million WAEC office building abandoned

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) office building has been abandoned despite the sum of N64.2 million allocated for the purpose by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the year 2020.

The Federal Government in the year 2020 allocated the sum of N64, 265,824 for the construction of WAEC office in Jalingo, the Taraba state capital.

Although the project has been commenced, Tracka, a public accountability organization that visited the project for inspection and evaluation says it has since been abandoned.


WAEC is not the only offender, often the Nigerian government allocates money for projects that are started and simply get them abandoned.

In many instances, the projects are abandoned because monies meant for them are diverted or stolen while in some, monies are not released for their completion.

And, in Nigeria, nowhere has the country’s monies been looted and corruption brazenly practiced like procurements and contract awards.

Many of the probes that have been carried out in Nigeria regarding public expenditures, contract awards, and procurement have proven that contract awards and procurements are simply conduit pipes for government officials and their cronies to steal public funds under the pretense of providing public infrastructures for the public good.

MAWA FOUNDATION could not immediately reach out to WAEC for a response.

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