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#Euro2020: Pogba maybe punished following France’s 1-0 win over Germany

Paul Pogba in French national team jersey

France midfielder, Paul Pogba, could be in trouble with UEFA, after he appeared to breach COVID-19 protocol, by mingling with the crowd after their 1-0 win over Germany on Tuesday.

Pogba was named Man of the Match after the Euro 2020 group game in Munich and was involved in the buildup to the winning goal.

After the game, the Manchester United man made a beeline for a French-supporting corner of the ground and handed his shirt to someone – believed to be his mother – before exchanging a long hug.


But all the players at the tournament are in very strict, biosecure bubbles and have been warned not to have contact with fans outside their bubble, even if they are family members.

Even shaking hands with opposition players is banned and Pogba could be handed a warning for his actions.

BeIN SPORTS anchor Richard Keys spotted the infringement following France’s victory over Germany and was very critical, with pundit Andy Gray suggesting he will be ‘reprimanded’.

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