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2023: Why Power Must Not Remain In North – Senator

Senator Ibrahim Gobir (Sokoto East/APC) has explained that for peace and tranquillity in Nigeria, power must be rotated across other geo-political zones in the country and not only in the North.

The lawmaker also during a chat with newsmen in Sokoto, said zoning was fundamental and must be handled fairly and those against zoning ahead of the 2023 general polls were not fair to the other parts of the country.

In Sen. Goibir words, “Those who are saying that; they are saying there is no need to look at the other people and that those who have other interests should be left out.


“For me really, zoning is fundamental, it is good. Things should not be one-sided. I am of the opinion that we have to look at the other areas at the national level not to be concentrated in the North.

“Even within the Northern part of the country, I don’t think the North West should take the largest share. I don’t believe like that because we are all fighting for the same North. We are all fighting for the common goal and for the good of our people.

“Therefore, other people should also be accommodated for peace and tranquility in the country.”

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