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Lady reveals she stopped going to Church after Pastor asked her for ‘Holy Ghost’ kiss

The young lady recounted how the pastor randomly requested a ‘Holy Ghost’ kiss from her. Ugochi said that that became the last time she worshipped there.

She wrote; ”Could remember when I used to attend Christ embassy, the pastor there called me out in the church and asked me to give him a “holy ghost” kiss, that’s my last time in that church.”

Her post which looks unfounded as she never provided any proof or even made it convincing enough, trails a viral video of a Ghanaian priest giving ‘holy kiss’ to three female students that turned the internet upside down a few days ago.


Recall that one of the students revealed that the priest, Father Balthazar Obeng Larbi kissed the three Bible readers as a sign of appreciation for their hard work since level 100.

Speaking to Starr FM she said the third student to be kissed in the video told her colleagues she is a virgin, that’s why she hesitated in allowing the priest to kiss her.

After the Priest kissed her, the unnamed lady who was not happy with the development said she felt like her virginity has been broken by the unwholesome act by the seeming pervert man of God.

“The third girl the father kissed is a virgin and that’s why she gave her cheek to the father to kiss but he forced and kissed her lips. Afterward the incident, she said the father had broken her virginity” – the lady is reported to have said.

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