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FIFA, CAF stop Guinea’s World Cup qualifying fixture with Morocco over coup d’etat

Following an apparent coup d’etat in Guniea, the World Cup qualifying fixture between Guinea and Morocco, which was scheduled to hold on Monday in Guinea’s capital, Conakry, has been postponed. FIFA and CAF announced the postponement.

“The current political and security situation in Guinea is quite volatile and is being closely monitored by Fifa and Caf,” a joint statement from FIFA and CAF read. “To ensure the safety and security of all players and to protect all match officials, Fifa and Caf have decided to postpone the match.”

Reports say Guinean soldiers dissolved the government of President Alpha Conde on Sunday and also detained the 83-year-old leader. Morocco players and officials were already in the country as at the time of the event.


However, Guinean journalist Cellou Diallo told BBC Sport Africa that Morocco have received clearance from their embassy to travel to the airport, where the Moroccan federation’s plane is ready to evacuate the players.

Both the Morocco delegation, as well as the Cameroonian match officials, have been allocated an escort to the airport, he added.




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