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How God instructed me to relocate from the UK to Nigeria in 2017 – Rev Esther Ajayi reveals

Rev Esther Abimbola Ajayi

These are better times for the congregation of Love of Christ Generation Church C&S (Worldwide), the Christian assembly that was founded by Rev. Esther Abimbola Ajayi.

On Sunday, September 5, 2021, the woman of virtue opened a word-class household of worship in the heart of Lekki, Lagos.

The opening ceremony was well-attended by the high and might in Nigeria social, business and political scene.


Speaking at the event, Rev Mrs Esther Ajayi, in her speech gave details on how God instructed her to relocate from the UK where she has already built a 50 million pounds church in the UK, to come back to Nigeria and build a church.

Read below:

On the 2nd of October 2017, the Lord spoke to me in my secret place after my morning devotion. I know his voice according to that book in John chapter 10 verses 27.

I have personal relationship and fellowship with God. He told me loud and clear to leave the United Kingdom that he wants to use me all over the world.
My husband and children told me to think about it but I told them there was nothing to think about. They always say a prophet has no honor in his community but I thank my creator that my honor started from my bedroom where I had dreams and visions which always come to pass many times before so the argument was not long.

I got this place, an empty man and I spoke to the lady that brought me here who later led me to the person that sold this land where this edifice id standing today. There are many of you here today that I want to thank, and I want to tell you that there is power in obedience to the voice of the creator. Since I got to this great country in 2017 there is no stopping. We stared the foundation in 2017 and except for the Covid-19 that we trust God will soon be extinct for 12 months nothing has hindered us. It has been God news, though out the building there was no incident or accident. We cannot but glorify God Almighty.

We are here today to dedicate this place open to people around the world to worship the creator of the whole universe Jesus Christ out Lord and Saviour. Our mission is to tell the world that there is no other God except Jesus Christ, personal relationship and fellowship with God, Obedience to his word will always lead you to greatness. I always say this, where there is holiness there is prosperity. I want again thank my beloved husband reverend Ademuyiwa Amuwaoluwa Ajayi my best friend for over 35 years.

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