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Man arrested for raping step-daughter to death

Man arrested for raping step-daughter to death

One Felix Otieno has been arrested by homicide detectives in Kilifi County of Kenya after being linked to the death of his 5-year old step-daughter. 

Police established that the suspect has been repeatedly defiling the minor inside their house in Mama Mary Polani village, before she succumbed to injuries she sustained from the heinous act.

Neighbours who believe that the child’s mother has been covering up her husband despite growing concern among them about their daughter’s welfare, raised an alarm after it became apparent that the couple was paying little or no attention to their sick child.


Human rights activist, Elizabeth Kadzo said; 

We inquired on why the minor was unable to walk properly, three days prior to her death and her mother informed us that the kid had fallen while she had gone to fetch water. We, however, inquired from the minor and she told us that she had a big wound while pointing her private parts. She further informed us that the wounds were as a result of his father forcing himself into her.”

Kadzo also revealed that neighbours had earlier reported the matter to the police but it was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

A neighbor also told K24TV; 

“Barely last month , we reported the defilement claims to the police station but we were turned away on ground that there was no evidence to support our claim.”

Detectives also gave an assurrance of getting to the root of the matter after government pathologists conclude a post-mortem procedure on the minor’s body.




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