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Attributes Of Successful People (1)

The attributes of Successful people varies as each writers view differ.

Thus, Rantimi Akinyemi, a degree holder in English Language shared her views on Attributes of Successful People.

Understanding Your Foundation

What is Understanding?

Understanding is having an explicit indepth of a particular thing! Foundation simply means, the ‘beginning’ upon which every other modus operandi of a particular ‘thing’ are orchestrated!

Now Understanding Your Foundation means having an explicit indepth of your beginning, sponsoring the mode of operation of things in your life, family, thinking, education, choices you make etc.

Every happenings in your life are all base on where you spring from! So stop comparing yourself with others when you haven’t walk in their shoes neither have they walk in your shoes! If you don’t like the mode of operation of situations in your life, change the sponsorship!

Gone are the days when foundation can’t be changed, nowadays ‘GIANTS’ are tearing down foundations wrongly built and rewriting histories!


  • The people who INHERITED wealth
  • The people who BOUGHT wealth
  • The people who ACQUIRED wealth

The people who inherited wealth have little or no particular attribute to themselves because all they have to do is work to keep the already made wealth flowing and with the wealth created more wealth without much struggles.

The people who bought wealth are those who are never ready to pay the price of patience and smart work! This people buy their wealth using costly arrays of either their life, health, family members, friends etc. They are the people who wants to climb a ladder but find many climbers, so they passed through another corner and there they found another ladder with few climbers but it was a bad ladder because no one passes through short cut to success that life won’t cut short!

The last set of people, this people are what I call ‘THE GIANTS’ ‘THE ACHIEVERS’! It doesn’t matter how many times life knock them down, it doesn’t matter how many times they have failed, it doesn’t matter how many NO they have received, it doesn’t matter how well others are doing then them, but one thing is that……THEY JUST NEVER QUIT UNTIL THEIR DESIRE IS ACHIEVED! You see this set of people giving explicit definition of success at the snap of their finger! They have certificate of clarity for their achievement! They understood their foundation and was ready to PUSH, PATIENCE enough to WAIT until they rewrite their FOUNDATION!

You need to locate where you belong among the 3 set. Cause the earlier you realise, the quicker you take action! You have no reasonable inheritance and buying wealth is costly than it seems, welcome yourself to the society of the GIANT ACHIEVERS!

Your Winning Power

Knowledge keeps you going.

Understanding keeps you focus, and

Wisdom keeps you winning!

Pro 4v7: Wisdom is supreme. Therefore, get wisdom (and even) though it cost you ALL you have (yet) get Understanding!

Look out for more Attributes of Successful People

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